Rod Turner Tool Co.

Counter-weighted Pontils


Cup—7/16" x 48"—Solid Body (14" stainless tip)             $125
Small—1/2" x 50"—Solid Body (16" stainless tip)             $125
Medium—5/8" x 52"—Hollow Body (7" stainless tip)         $155
Large—3/4" x 55"—Hollow Body (10" stainless tip)          $165


—Two Handle Choices—

-Zigzag-        Brass Center         -Spiral-


Hand-made by Brendan Bayless and Sam Stang, these rods are modeled after Italian pontils made by Dino Tedeschi in the ’70s and ’80s in terms of proportion and balance. All pontils are made out of mild steel with stainless on the gathering end. Each one has a brass center on the end of the handle, which is easily stamped with initials for personalization. The surface, except for the stainless gathering end and the brass, will rust lighty and produce a better turning grip —unlike all-stainless. Solid construction to last a lifetime!

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